A good reader is opening minded because he has been exposed and had a glimpse of different cultures. They are prone to change, and they are mostly solution based without having to do away with whom they are. A poor reader may remain in darkness about things and be ignorant. This can affect their self confidence especially in places that they need to discuss topics such as the current issue, they are not able to assist in bring or contributing to the discussion. They would rather avoid such a company than feel like they are not smart. The simple thing is that the poor reader should just read every journey starts from a step, even if they have to start from somewhere. Orlando Figes as much as he is a writer, he has to be someone who loves writing. The reason being if he was a poor reader, it would have clearly been shown in his writing, and definitely he would have been able to write at all.

Good readers are eloquent speakers. They are good and confident in public speaking not because of the topic they can speak on, but they can express themselves. They are people who are looked up to. They were not born that way, everyone is taught to speak when they are young, how good one gets is dependent on the individual. Poor readers may shy away from the public domain because they have nothing to say, or they are afraid of what they will say they might be laughed at. How one expresses themselves it is something that they are remembered for. This is something that someone can change, and it is not inborn. Therefore, the person should take an initiative to change in doing something about it.

Orlando Figes understands writing to a point that how he puts his contents in writing good readers are able to learn and get educated. A writer should know that the people he is reading to they are aware of what is happening and cannot be lied to no matter how the content is put. His writing is respected, and the readership is increasing. The time one takes to write it is because he is reading extensively to do the research which is meant to feed people’s minds. The more a person reads the better they become in speaking.





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